Each artist's interpretation

Not everyone visits art museums and galleries. But everyone sees replica handbags on the street-there are also many in Louis Vuitton's window.

This is why both established and emerging artists like projects like Artycapucines, whose third edition features Vik Muniz and Zeng Fanzhi, as well as Gregor Hildebrandt, Donna Huanca, Huang Yuxing and Paola Pivi.

Each artist's interpretation of the Capucines handbag-using embroidery, inlay, inkjet printing and other difficult techniques-is limited to 200 pieces and will be sold in Vuitton cheap purses stores around the world at the end of October, priced at 6,700 euros.

Delphine Arnault, the executive vice president responsible for overseeing all product-related activities of Vuitton, said that the selected artists have been fully commissioned to turn the bag into a blank canvas.


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